4.2 Kg-cm Stepper Motor

  • Minimum Order Quantity :1
  • Warranty :1 Year
  • Location : Pune
  • Port of Dispatch : Pune
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Description :


  • This is Hybrid Bipolar Stepper Motor.
  • It has Holding Torque of 4.2 Kg-cm/ with 1A Current Per Phase.
  • It is 2-Phase 4-wire stepper Motor suitable for 2-Phase Stepper Driver.
  • It has 1.8 degree Step Angle.
  • Suitable Drivers are YSSPD:30-2 and YSSPD:48-4 Type Silent Stepper Driver..
  • Driver selection depends on application and Torque Requirement.
  • It is useful in are of application is Pharam, Conveyors, Gantery, Robots,Routers, Enravers..etc.
  • For More details please Downlaod Technical datasheet attached Herewith. 

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