YSSPD:4 Type Silent Driver

  • Minimum Order Quantity :1
  • Warranty :1 Year
  • Location : Pune
  • Port of Dispatch : Pune
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Description :

  • YSSPD:4 is high Performance and Silent micro-stepping Driver. It operates on pure Sinusoidal Current control Principle.
  • It generates low motor noise and Heat.
  • This driver eliminates problems related to motor Vibration, Resonance, even sound of the motor compare to traditional drivers.
  • This drivers offers smooth operation even at low speed. It can deliver maximum torque. It is most suitable  for 10-87 Kgcm Stepper Motor.

Smooth and Silent operation of motor.
PPR Setting selectable with 400, 800, 1000, 1600, 3200  up-to 51200.
* Supply Voltage : 20V-80VDC or 20V-60VAC.
* 2 to 5 Amp. per phase selectable motor currents.
* Clock, Direction and Disable signals (Optically isolated).
* Plug and Play Connectors.
Auto Current cutback to 50% in idel condition.
* Over Current Protection.
* Purely indigenous design with long service commitment.
Compact Size - 120(h)x51(w)x120(d) mm.

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